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Wednesday, 24 January 2018 06:00

Work on the Move


‘Work on the move’ is a design, process-driven methodology, which uses multiple locations within an outdoor setting and movement between locations, all of which function as learning places, confined to a specified time period.

Between 2012 and 2015, a team of international Higher Education product design educators (all members of Carousel, a co-operation of Erasmus members in Zwolle, Edinburgh, Nantes, Rome, Kortrijk and Oslo), industry professionals and product design students developed and tested four case studies. Each case study was conducted in a different international location and was constructed with a different focus, to help define and refine a definitive working methodology.

‘Work on the move’ explores the influence of ‘place’ upon design, in terms of the impact it has on productivity and creative problem-solving, when working away from the traditional studio/office-based environment. It also explores the significance of shared place, when working directly with a client in situ, and experiencing the place-based influences upon their businesses. While identifying location as part of the design process, the study also seeks to understand the effects of time restriction and working in transit upon creativity and productivity, within the context of specific projects.


Place, Nomadic, Collaboration, International


Richard Firth and Trent Jennings and Ruth Cochrane, Edinburgh Napier University (UK), Michael Taks and Peter van de Graaf, Windesheim University of Applied Science, Zwolle (Netherlands)

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Published in Cumulus

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