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Issue 3: Creativity Research in Romania

Guest Editor - Prof Ana Constantin PhD

Dr Ana Constantin
Professor Emeritus, Ana Constantin PhD, is a former Professor in the Department of…

Creativity and unconscious thought

Georgiana Zugravu and Dr Andrei C Holman
The terminology psychologists employ to explain thinking and behaviour can vary according…

Actors' emotional experience and preferred style of acting

Dr Marian Panainte
In this research paper, Marian Panainte explores the relationship between emotional…

The impact of the Mozart effect on creativity: myth or reality?

Mihaela Bucur and Dr Andrei-Lucian Marian
What is the Mozart Effect? Does it exist? If it does, does it have any effect on…

Talent Promotion in Romania – National Survey of School Counselling Centres’ Staff

Dr Carmen Cretu and Dr Ana-Maria Hojbotă
Both creativity and talent are defined in many different ways. This paper provides a…

Creativity and attachment styles

Dr Cătălin Dirtu and Dr Camelia Soponaru
This paper explores the relationship between being creative, creative styles and…

The place of creativity in the social representation of women in IT

Manuela Nistor & Dr Luminiţa Mihaela Iacob
These authors acknowledge the multi-dimensional nature of creativity including its…

The Nature of Creativity in Craft: Insights from Easter Egg Decoration

Dr Vlad Glaveanu
(First published here in 2012). The present article explores the nature of creativity in…

Prof Boris Plahteanu talks about creativity and invention

Dr Ana Constantin
(First published in 2013) Professor Boris Plahteanu was born in Bessarabia, in Chişinău,…

Understanding creativity through the lens of conflict

Ana-Maria Hojbota
by Ana-Maria Hojbota and Dr Ana Constantin. (This article was originally published in the…

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