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Issue 1: Creativity Exploded!

Prof. Jiro Kawakita
Creativity Development

Introduction to KJ-Ho - a Japanese problem solving approach

Toshio Nomura
The KJ Ho (Method) is a creative thinking and problem solving methodology, which was originally…
Science and Technology

Prof Boris Plahteanu talks about creativity and invention

Dr Ana Constantin
Professor Boris Plahteanu was born in Bessarabia, in Chişinău, on September 22st 1941. During the…
Arts and Culture

Bamboo, Banyan and Bodhi - strength, growth and knowledge

Dr Anne Riggs
Creativity is an inherent human trait, education a human right and play is one of the UN…
Arts and Culture

The Latvian Song and Dance festival: a strategic role for culture?

Bert Mulder
Bert Mulder reviews the Latvian Song and Dance Festival: The 2013 Latvian song and dance festival…
Arts and Culture

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Nations

Venu Dhupa
During September 2013 art as universal text will be explored as a central theme to the 9th Kaunas…
Arts and Culture

Interview with Claire King - author of The Night Rainbow

Caroline Fryer Bolingbroke
If you have an ambition to become a writer, then all you need is a pencil and paper and some…
Arts and Culture

Avoiding the zero-sum game

Sandy OSullivan
An Indigenous Australian project-based perspective on creativity and research dissemination. Sandy…
Arts and Culture

Interview with Aili Vahtrapuu - Sculptor

Dr Eda Heinla
Aili Vahtrapuu PhD, is a sculptor and scientist living in Tallinn, Estonia, and Paris, France. She…
Arts and Culture

Dinesh V Revankar - Artist

Dinesh V Revankar
The Artist Dinesh Revankar studied Applied Art at the prestigious Sir J. J. Institute of Applied…
Health and Wellbeing

The contribution of creativity to human development in a new nation: a case study of Afalyca community art centre, Timor-Leste

Kim Dunphy
Abstract This article describes the contribution of creativity to human development in the new…
Arts and Culture

Conexion Dracula - developing creativity with artists

Andres Maduro
Conexion Dracula was conceived in 2010 when Analisa Williams (Casa Cultural Huellas) and Andres…
Creativity Development

Culturally Competent Creativity, Creative Process in Context

Dr Tara Grey Coste
The culturally competent creative recognizes the dramatic effect that culture plays in the creative…

Creativity in education: engaging pupils in STEM

Paul Jackson
Talent is the foundation for economic growth, and is at the heart of our vibrant engineering and…
Creativity Development

Creativity - The Purple Process

Liz Willis
You have always been creative. And so have I. As you are a reader of The International Journal of…
Arts and Culture

Helen Storey MBE - on Fashion, Science and Catalytic Clothing

Dr Marilyn Fryer
Helen Storey MBE is Professor of Fashion and Science at the University of the Arts in London and…

Learning Community - Promoting Energy-Saving in Brazil

Paulo Benetti
Eletrobrás is the Brazilian government state company responsible for electrical energy efficiency…

Making Sense of Creativity from a Psychological Perspective

Dr Marilyn Fryer
Why is creativity so difficult to pin down? Can it be evaluated? Can anyone be creative? What's the…
Hen Harrier by Helen Denerley
Arts and Culture

Creative Futures for Scotland’s Creative People

Scott Donaldson
Creative Futures is Creative Scotland's flagship programme supporting the development of Scotland's…
Arts and Culture

Photography, Aesthetics & Cybernetics

Holger E. Dunckel
The radical change in the outlook of modern art, the transition toward the temporal, the multiple,…
George M Prince in 1982
Creativity Development

Creativity & Learning as Skills, Not Talents

George M Prince
Our research began in 1958 and by 1960 we believed we knew enough about the creative process to…
Creativity Development

Beliefs and Attitudes About Creativity Among Japanese University Students

Yosuke Yamaguchi
As the world has become more and more complex, the concern with creativity has increased (Runco,…
Creativity Development

Imagine THAT! - Celebrating 50 years of Synectics

Dr Marilyn Fryer
Caroline and I first met George Prince in the middle of a New England railway track (he collected…
Arts and Culture

Catalysts for Indigenous Creativity

Dr Michelle Evans
As a founding Editorial Board member of this new journal The International Journal of Creativity…
Arts and Culture

The Nature of Creativity in Craft: Insights from Easter Egg Decoration

Dr Vlad Glaveanu
The present article explores the nature of creativity in craft and does so with the help of a case…
Tom Bradburn

The English Baccalaureate: An Education Tsunami?

Dr Tom Bradburn
The introduction of the English Baccalaureate (EBac) has raised questions about the value of some…

Fiction and Imagination in History Education

Milvi Martina Piir
Creativity in history classes The capacity to imagine is a key aspect of creativity and, in this…
Science and Technology

Creativity and Skill in Science

Dr Maarten H P Ambaum
There are probably around a hundred proofs of the Pythagoras theorem. Functionally they are the…
Creativity Development

Measuring Creativity from an International Perspective

Dr Ernesto Villalba
The European Commission was preparing to establish 2009 as the European Year of Creativity and…
Lodz Powerstation

The Triple A City: Reinventing the Creative City

Dr Roy van Dalm
Much has been said and more has been written on the concept of creativity in cities. But, the…
Sabah Carrim
Arts and Culture

Why I Write

Sabah Carrim
I write for order, for Logos Writing compels me to face my thoughts, however complex and muddled…

What Makes a Creative Organisation?

Gerard Darby
I was discussing with a friend who worked for a digital agency how best to enable a company to be…
Science and Technology

Dr David Cropley - My Activities and Interest in Creativity

Dr David Cropley
I became involved in creativity research by accident. As a young lecturer in an engineering…

Getting Creative to Promote Science and Engineering Careers

Paul Jackson
What do you get if you pack the 02 Arena three times, sell-out the Albert Hall ten times over and…
Arts and Culture

The Nature of the Arts in Human Development

Katyana Kozikowska
Two years ago, Calum, a 13 year old boy on the autistic spectrum would not have been walking along…

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