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Thursday, 04 April 2013 23:50

The Importance of the Arts in a Changing World

Earlier this year I gave the Annual Crichton Carbon Centre Lecture at the Crichton Campus in Dumfries and Galloway (Scotland). The following piece is an 'interview version' of that lecture, carried out by Dame Barbara Kelly.

Who has inspired you to think about leadership?

I've always thought about leadership broadly and related those thoughts to many of the wonderful people that I have worked with and for, and learned from reflecting on their performance and my own. However, for the purposes of this piece I need to thank Dr James Martin for his inspiration.

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We are very pleased to announce the Call for Session Proposals for ACA's 2013 International Conference in New England!

To be considered as a potential presenter for the ACA 2013 International Conference, please submit your proposal with the following in mind.

Conference Goal

To offer participants an opportunity to learn, observe, and engage in the art, craft, practice, and experience of creativity. Presenters and participants will learn from each other through interaction that has a focus on addressing the real challenges and opportunities facing our business, nonprofit, governmental, educational, and artistic/cultural sectors.

Conference Theme: Creativity for Sale

So you’re creative. Now what? How do you plan to pay the rent? This year's theme "Creativity for Sale" invites us to explore the role of convergence in creativity, the best practices and effective models of the creative process that have been developed over the years, and welcomes the opportunity to learn from each other. At ACA 2013 we will explore how creative people and their ideas can be branded more effectively, sharing insights on how creatives and the products of their efforts can be promoted to result in economic and other benefits. We are inviting proposals for sessions addressing what works, what doesn’t, and what questions remain to be answered when living a creative life.

Proposals should address the role of creativity in one or more of the following areas:

  • Productivity in changing environments
  • Defining problems in the context of change
  • Creative identification of opportunities
  • Selecting beneficial tools and techniques
  • Advantageous team-building processes
  • Applied creative leadership

Sessions are expected to appeal to creative professionals and present new information to conference attendees. Participants should be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the session to their work in areas such as business development, education, marketing, science, new product development, training, academia, and the arts. Sessions may demonstrate existing processes in new circumstances or may introduce original research in the field of creativity.

Seeking presentations reflecting conference theme and applicability to “Classic” and new models for creativity and problem solving (Osborn-Parnes, Synectics, TRIZ, lateral thinking, whole brain, Kepner Tregoe, Value Engineering, etc.) or the repertoire of practical strategies and techniques for creative problem solving and its application to real-world situations.

Additional Information

  • Session length may be 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 3-hour workshop.
  • Sessions should be designed for information sharing—not as commercials for products or services.

The deadline for proposal submission to ACA 2013 in New England is April 15, 2013. Submit proposals electronically at

Selection Criteria

  • Received by proposal deadline
  • Correspondence to the theme
  • Potential to attract and stimulate conference attendees
  • Clarity of proposal content and presentation methods, especially session’s learning objectives
  • Originality and creativity in content and format
  • Potential for practical application
  • Relevance to current trends and issues and appropriateness for international audience
  • Presenter’s expertise and experience

Benefits and Costs of Presenting

ACA expects presenters to benefit from sharing their expertise with a wide audience. To ensure that the conference is affordable for both presenters and attendees, ACA offers a lowest-possible price for all on a per-day basis: $125 for one-day, $225 for two days. This includes entrance to all general and concurrent sessions, conference materials, breakfasts, lunches, and breaks with great snacks. Friday evening’s lobster and wine reception, a great social and networking event, is included with a Friday one-day and the full two-day conference registrations.

Deadline for Submission

April 15, 2013

Notification of Acceptance

May 1, 2013

Conference Dates

July 26 & 27, 2013 at the University of Southern Maine.

American Creativity Association - Call for Papers: New England

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Conexion Dracula is an artists' retreat that takes place in Finca Dracula, one of the world's ten biggest orchid collections, surrounded by a magical garden that blends into the nature of the neighboring national park. The event presents the artists with activities and challenges. The intended disciplines are photography, plastic arts and literature. It hosts 10 participants who have a developed artistic language and seek opportunities to broaden the scope and creativity of their work.

The residency will take place from 7-17 July 2013 . If you would like to apply for a place, please see details at and apply before the deadline of 23 April 2013. The retreat will take place in the town of Guadalupe/Cerro Punta, Province of Chiriqui, Republic of Panama. Conexion Dracula will cover the basic costs of the event; artists must pay for their air tickets to Panama City, overnight stay in the city and any specialized equipments or materials.

For more information please visit the website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 11:23

Robert Alan Black

In 1976 Alan received a letter about his oldest son, Jeff, qualifying for Gifted Education. Later that month the principal of Jeff's elementary school spoke to Alan one night at a PTA meeting, 'I have some children, some money and a room. Do you have any time Mr Black?' That one question more than changed Alan's life over the past 36 years. He went on to work on four degrees in education, completing and receiving diplomas in two to add to his three previous degrees in design.

Since the age of 16 Alan has been working in pursuit of a variety of professional passions. The longest one has been as an international workplace creativity consultant through speaking, consulting, teaching and facilitating. Among his 48 jobs in the past 52 years are: licensed architect, interior designer, graphics and signage designer, freelance cartoonist and writer, college professor at three different universities since 1980:

  • University of Georgia Art Dept. and School of Environmental Design (four years)
  • Columbus State University – Leadership Development (15 years)
  • Drexel University Goodwin College – Creative Thinking online courses about the History of Creativity and Creativity Tools.

His travels have taken him to 49 of the 50 American States and 84 countries where he has spoken and worked in most of them attempting to S.P.R.E.A.D. creative thinking throughout entire workplaces, from individuals to teams to departments to entire organizations. Since 1978 Alan has presented at and participated in over 150 creativity conferences, institutes and workshops around the globe on six continents. This includes the Creative Education Foundation's Creative Problem Solving Institute, USA (CPSI) for 30 years and ACRE in South Africa for 15 years.

Alan created his M.I.N.D. Design thinking style instrument based upon his doctoral dissertation (a study into the matching of teaching and learning styles - based on thinking styles, to teach creative thinking skills and tools). Over 400,000 people have completed an MD in the past 30 years. Several companies, consultants, professors and teachers have used it or continue to use it under contract. His book BROKEN CRAYONS: Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines has been published in the USA, Turkey, Slovenia and South Africa and translated into Turkish, Slovenian and Japanese.

Since 1980, he has published over 600 articles on leadership, communication, teamwork and creative thinking in the workplace. As well as his own books, he has co-authored several others in the USA, the UK and South Africa. His work also includes blogs, newsletters, ezines and weekly Alan's Cre8ng Challenges which began in January 1997.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 02:00

Introducing Alan, the Travelling Creativity Man

Robert Alan Black, a long time friend of ours, has spent many years travelling the world visiting other creativity experts and centres internationally. He works hard to promote links between international researchers, trainers and organisations interested in developing creativity. We are excited that Alan has agreed to be our international creativity blogger, he really does seem to know EVERYONE!

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